Friday, February 7, 2014

An Experience with Electrotherapy Equipment

My friend once had a severe bike accident and badly injured his neck. He had to be hospitalized and when he recovered, he was referred to a physiotherapist. He needed almost two months of physiotherapy. However, even after two months, it did not help him much. Even after physiotherapy, he did not completely recover. He suffered from neck pains and neck stiffness. During some internet research, I came across interferential therapy. It seemed to be promising and it works really well along with physiotherapy and hence I told my friend to get it.

Since he had to get to work and then home, he decided to by the electrotherapy equipment  so that he can get the therapy at home during his spare time. The equipment was ordered online. The device came with a manual that explained how to use the entire device. After a few days of using it, my friend was definitely better. Also, he is using it on regular basis. There are no side effects or discomfort. His joint pains are less too.

My friend took the interferential therapy TENS treatment to be precise. This actually helps to reduce pain a lot. This is done by the application of low frequency currents. There are four electrodes using which two currents are passed. These two frequencies interfere with each other to provide another resultant frequency that acts in the area of pain. This can stimulate nerves, relax muscles and eases pains, especially joint pains. This is also known to increase blood flow.

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