Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Miracle of Interferential Therapy

Today I am going to share a miracle experience that changed mine as well as my friend’s life. Both of us have a similar kind of problem in our knee joints. I was suffering from joint pain and clamp for last two years and my friend joined the same brigade a year back. We went and meet several orthopedic doctors and consulted them and had lots of pain killers which was slowly killing both of us internally. Finally one day I was sitting over the internet and was searching for some kind or remedy as the pain was impairing my normal daily life. There I came across about interferential therapy

I informed my friend and both of us searched and looked for places where interferential treatment happens. We also came across the fact that it’s a kind of physiotherapy but the results are much faster than the conventional method and can be used for both males and females and at any age. The electrotherapy equipment sends an electrical pulse in a particular manner that helps the nervous system to relax and helps the muscles to calm down thus helping the affected area to get some relief.

Both of us also found a small portable device known as the interferential therapy tens that can send pulse at the rate of 1 to 150 per seconds and can be worn continuously even during sleeping time and helps the sufferer to have sound sleep without the feel of the pain and also prevents the patient from having pain killer drugs.

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