Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to get rid of pain and cramps?

Today I am here to share a very miraculous story experienced by one of my family members. My aunt developed a very bad muscle agony in her legs and was suffering for a long period of time. She went to many physicians and consumed a lot of pain-killers, but then immediately after the effect of the pain killer resides her sufferings starts. This continued for quite a long period, then one day we came across an article on hurt relief where we came to know about interferential therapy and combination therapy http://www.interferentialtherapy.co.in/combination-therapy-equipments.php and the miracle that happened to those who got ache relief. 

My aunt got interested in the entire treatment process and we started searching for more information related to this therapy. I personally took interest in this entire treatment process and learnt that the treatment is similar to the conventional physiotherapy treatment, but the result is obtained faster than the other treatments. I this case the machine have interferential therapy units that send pulses which help the nerves and muscles to relax and reduce the stress in the affected area thus curing the ache fast.

I also learnt that there are many such interferential therapy equipments available in the market that can be bought and used daily and even while sleeping thus preventing the patient from using pain killers giving him / her complete relief. Today my aunt is really happy that she is no more dependent on others as she can do all her work alone with the worry of aching.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Get pain and cramp relief by interferential therapy

The advancement of medical science and that of engineering has helped to develop a number of instruments that help today’s patients to get rid of their post trauma or post operative pains. One such treatment is Interferential current therapy http://www.interferentialtherapy.co.in/current-therapy-equipments.php. It’s a non invasive method of treating pain. One of my relatives came across such treatment after her operation as per her physician’s instruction. The remedy worked like magic and today she is having a normal life and can do all her work independently without any hindrance.

Initially she was a bit skeptical about the treatment, but she went across many such interferential therapy ppt available on the internet and got convinced and undertook the remedy. The treatment went so well and her pain miraculously disappeared and helped her return to normal daily activities. Today when I see her I remember those days of her suffering. She helped me to learn about this treatment. She also made me clear that the remedy can be used to anyone be male or female and at any age.

Then I found some articles in a medical journal that the remedy is similar to that of normal physiotherapy but the result is obtained very soon. Interferential treatment uses electro therapy equipments http://www.interferentialtherapy.co.in/electro-therapy-equipment-units.php  that have electro therapy units which help to send pulses to the affected area and remove the stress from the affected area. It helps to stimulate the nerve fibers and the muscles and thus a patient gets relief as sooner than any other conventional remedial methods.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Miracle of Interferential Therapy

Today I am going to share a miracle experience that changed mine as well as my friend’s life. Both of us have a similar kind of problem in our knee joints. I was suffering from joint pain and clamp for last two years and my friend joined the same brigade a year back. We went and meet several orthopedic doctors and consulted them and had lots of pain killers which was slowly killing both of us internally. Finally one day I was sitting over the internet and was searching for some kind or remedy as the pain was impairing my normal daily life. There I came across about interferential therapy

I informed my friend and both of us searched and looked for places where interferential treatment happens. We also came across the fact that it’s a kind of physiotherapy but the results are much faster than the conventional method and can be used for both males and females and at any age. The electrotherapy equipment sends an electrical pulse in a particular manner that helps the nervous system to relax and helps the muscles to calm down thus helping the affected area to get some relief.

Both of us also found a small portable device known as the interferential therapy tens http://www.interferentialtherapy.co.in/interferential-therapy-tens-machine.php that can send pulse at the rate of 1 to 150 per seconds and can be worn continuously even during sleeping time and helps the sufferer to have sound sleep without the feel of the pain and also prevents the patient from having pain killer drugs.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Get Relief from Pain with Interferential Therapy

Those who are suffering from muscular pain and cramps and it has become a chronic affair and don’t know what they should do with it here is an example from my personal life. I have been suffering since a long time with chronic pain in my muscles and used to get cramps after I used to wake up in the morning and don’t know what was the solution to it. One day one of my very close friends advised me to try interferential treatment. The interferential therapy in physiotherapy http://www.interferentialtherapy.co.in/interferential-therapy-physiotherapy.php uses analogue electrical pulses. 

Initially I was skeptical about the entire remedy process. Then I consulted my physician who told me the details of the process and advised me to visit one such healing center who uses interferential therapy machines to treat their patients suffering from pain like me. I came to know that this process can be used by any person, male or female or any age and the result will be same as that of conventional physiotherapy. The electric pulse that is used to in this type of treatment is given in a particular manner so that the nerves and the muscles of the affected area get relaxed. 

The interferential current http://www.interferentialtherapy.co.in/current-therapy-equipments.php that is sent through the machine helps to get faster results as large fibres of the nervous system and muscles gets relief very fast. This helps to increase and normalize the blood flow in the affected area which helps a patient to recover faster. The treatment worked as a miracle in my case.

Friday, February 7, 2014

An Experience with Electrotherapy Equipment

My friend once had a severe bike accident and badly injured his neck. He had to be hospitalized and when he recovered, he was referred to a physiotherapist. He needed almost two months of physiotherapy. However, even after two months, it did not help him much. Even after physiotherapy, he did not completely recover. He suffered from neck pains and neck stiffness. During some internet research, I came across interferential therapy. It seemed to be promising and it works really well along with physiotherapy and hence I told my friend to get it.

Since he had to get to work and then home, he decided to by the electrotherapy equipment  so that he can get the therapy at home during his spare time. The equipment was ordered online. The device came with a manual that explained how to use the entire device. After a few days of using it, my friend was definitely better. Also, he is using it on regular basis. There are no side effects or discomfort. His joint pains are less too.

My friend took the interferential therapy TENS http://www.interferentialtherapy.co.in/interferential-therapy-tens-machine.php treatment to be precise. This actually helps to reduce pain a lot. This is done by the application of low frequency currents. There are four electrodes using which two currents are passed. These two frequencies interfere with each other to provide another resultant frequency that acts in the area of pain. This can stimulate nerves, relax muscles and eases pains, especially joint pains. This is also known to increase blood flow.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Experience with Combinational Therapy

One of my friends has a severe bike accident and after recovery, the doctor advised him to take rehabilitation treatment to treat his neck. He always had to wear a neck collar and even after multiple rehabilitation sessions, he failed to recover properly. He suffered from severe neck pain and neck stiffness.
After he failed to recover, I did some research and found out about combinational therapy. How interferential therapy TENS was used to stimulate or relax nerves and ease stiffness and pain seemed to be promising. So, I suggested my friend to contact one of the popular sites. Their electro therapy unit equipment seemed promising too. Hence, I actually pushed my friend into taking this treatment and I am happy that I did.

I was aware about the high success rate of combinational therapy. The equipment pricing seemed reasonable and both I and my friend talked to this company about their products and services. The electro therapy unit that they provided seemed very easy to use. There was a brochure from their website that clearly instructed how the instrument works and the benefits of interferential therapy TENS.

Within weeks of taking the treatment, by friend was much better. He recovered faster than when he was during his rehabilitation sessions. Also, after his exercise sessions got over, his pains and other related problems relapsed. But after taking this healing treatment, he recovered completely. I will definitely recommend this form of treatment to other people, since it is not only easy to take, but also, convenient and economic.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Choose the Right Interferential Therapy Equipments

Interferential therapy is an advanced digital interferential stimulation machine which is generally used for symptomatic relief and management of after surgical and after traumatic extreme and chronic pain.

Interferential therapy uses the significant Physiological effects of low frequency electrical stimulation of the nervous system without painful side effects. This is interferential therapy equipment. These portable interferential portable devices are easily available in the market.

Interferential therapy is an application of alternating medium frequency current again modulated at low frequency. It has the capacity to diminish the impedance offered by the skin.  Despite of its wide use, information about Interferential therapy in physiotherapy is very limited.  

This treatment is basically used to stimulate the healing of soft tissues. In the course of treatment superficial electrodes are placed on the skin to capture the pain area. Again another electrical current flow is used to stimulate and penetrate the nerves and tissues to provide relaxation nerve tissues.

The current shows a massaging effect which stimulates the effects of endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers.
IFT is used to-
  • Activate cell function
  • Reduce swelling
  • Stimulate Muscles
  • Relieve pain
  • Increase blood flow

IFT also increases movement, reduction of pain and healing process. The process of Interferential therapy ppt of Physiotherapy can be availed in net.
Interferential therapy is an effective treatment for-
  • Muscle spasms
  • Incontinency
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Shingles
  • Low back pain
  • Fibromyalgia

Interferential therapy in Physiotherapy is very much effective to heal all kinds of Physiotherapy related problems. If you need such a treatment, you can consult a specialist in this field to clarify all your doubts.