Monday, January 6, 2014

Experience with Combinational Therapy

One of my friends has a severe bike accident and after recovery, the doctor advised him to take rehabilitation treatment to treat his neck. He always had to wear a neck collar and even after multiple rehabilitation sessions, he failed to recover properly. He suffered from severe neck pain and neck stiffness.
After he failed to recover, I did some research and found out about combinational therapy. How interferential therapy TENS was used to stimulate or relax nerves and ease stiffness and pain seemed to be promising. So, I suggested my friend to contact one of the popular sites. Their electro therapy unit equipment seemed promising too. Hence, I actually pushed my friend into taking this treatment and I am happy that I did.

I was aware about the high success rate of combinational therapy. The equipment pricing seemed reasonable and both I and my friend talked to this company about their products and services. The electro therapy unit that they provided seemed very easy to use. There was a brochure from their website that clearly instructed how the instrument works and the benefits of interferential therapy TENS.

Within weeks of taking the treatment, by friend was much better. He recovered faster than when he was during his rehabilitation sessions. Also, after his exercise sessions got over, his pains and other related problems relapsed. But after taking this healing treatment, he recovered completely. I will definitely recommend this form of treatment to other people, since it is not only easy to take, but also, convenient and economic.

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