Monday, July 9, 2012

Physiotherapy Ultrasound Equipments

What are the Effects of Therapeutic Ultrasound?
The effects of therapy products are still being disputed. To date, there is still very little evidence to explain how ultrasound causes a therapeutic effect in injured tissue. Nevertheless practitioners world wide continue to use this treatment modality relying on personal experience rather than scientific evidence. Below are a number of the theories by which sound therapy is proposed to cause a therapeutic effect.
Thermal Effect:
As the ultrasonic waves pass from the treatment head into the skin they cause the vibration of the surrounding tissues, particularly those that contain collagen. This increased vibration leads to the production of heat within the tissue. In most cases this cannot be felt by the patient themselves. This increase in temperature may cause an increase in the extensibility of structures such as ligaments, tendons, scar tissue and fibrous joint capsules. In addition, heating may also help to reduce pain and muscle spasm and promote the healing process.
Contraindications for use:
As ultrasound therapy device is thought to affect the tissue repair process and so it is also highly possible that it may affect diseased tissue in an abnormal fashion. In addition the proposed increase in blood may also function in spreading malignancies around the body. Therefore a number of contraindications should be followed when using ultrasound therapy physiotherapy.

Do not use if the patient suffers from:
  • Malignant or cancerous tissue
  • Acute infections
  • Risk of haemorrhage
  • Severely ischeamic tissue
  • Recent history if venous thrombosis
  • Exposed neural tissue
  • Suspicion of a bone fracture

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